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Lash Artist Training Manual E-Book

Lash Artist Training Manual E-Book

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Do you have a passion for beauty? An eye for perfection? Eyelash extensions has been a popular service that exploded in the early 2000’s. Post Covid, many lash-preneurs have made lash artistry an enjoyable lifetime career. You can get your hands on our Lash Artist—Eyelash Training Manual. 

This handbook covers the basics that every successful lash artist needs. The manual can be instantly downloaded and includes colored photos, suggested products, suggestions, volume techniques, tips and tricks. Manual is intended for licensed professional use and we reserve the right to change the manual without notice. By purchasing this manual, you release all liabilities based on your practices. This manual briefly touches on classic lashing, mostly volume techniques. The manual includes:

  • WHAT ARE EYELASH EXTENSIONS: Straight to the Point Eyelash Extension Facts
  • SAFETY & SANITATION: Everything you need to know about operating a sanitary environment.
  • VOLUME EYELASH EXTENSIONS: Intro to Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE: Tools & Equipment
  • PREPARING FOR CLIENTS: Servicing your Clients
  • APPLYING EXTENSIONS: Everything you need to know + Client Aftercare
  • BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS: Branding and Marketing for your Lash Business


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