As the owner of Skye Kiyomi Beauty, I'm excited you're here! My name is Jonelle and there are no words to describe myself, other than I cannot be defined by one word. I am the buyer, marketer, receptionist, accountant, esthetician, beauty vlogger, and a mother, among other things. My love for fashion is credited to my late grandmother, who was an amazing seamstress and the first to teach me how to sew. 

After working as a flight attendant and then a probation officer for years, I began searching for something more soul fulfilling. 

In 2012, SKB started as a beauty service-based business and named after my only daughter Skye. Her Japanese middle name Kiyomi is translated as "pure" and "beautiful," which also represents the SKB brand.

In 2018, SKB fully transitioned into a woman's clothing boutique. By adding beauty supplies, trendy clothes, and cute accessories to the mix, SKB became a one-stop beauty shop, but at your finger tips. This way, I now had more ways to empower women feel confident and look as good as they feel. By holding true to this vision, SKB bloomed into more than I could have imagined.

Today, SKB is a licensed beauty shop and an online boutique, where the goal is enable customers to leave feeling better about themselves than when they came. My passion to help others comes in many forms, whether it was in court with defendants or beautifying clients.

Our values and mission--At SKB, we value quality, comfort, and effortless style...never sacrificing one for the other. Our quality products are curated with you, the customer, in mind. We pride in our business on providing exceptional customer service and beauty products/beauty services, establishing SKB as the "go-to" women's clothing boutique from head to toes. 

Skye's the limit when it comes to bringing dreams to life. Please add us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and signup for our newsletter.